Buying Used is Smart. Buying One-owner Used is Genius!

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Why Buy a One Owner Car, Truck or SUV?

The smell of a new car is good, but the smell of money is better!

The money you save is THE reason to shop for a One-Owner. Let someone else take that initial depreciation while you enjoy a new-to-you vehicle with extra cash in your pocket (glovebox, trunk or wherever you want to put it). I would suggest the bank, but it's totally up to you!

When you buy a One-Owner from a dealer, you can set up your financing, purchase an extended warranty and have the expectation that the vehicle has been inspected prior to offering it for sale. That is especially true if the one owner car, one owner truck or one owner SUV is a Certified Pre-owned. Certified means it has had a more rigorous inspection and offers greater peace of mind with benefits such as additional warranty, maintenance plans or exceptional credit terms. I'm not saying a for sale by owner is a bad thing, I just see more convenience in working with a well-respected auto dealer.

So, what do you do? Research the features you want on your next vehicle, then search the inventory available at the One-Owner dealers on this site. Don't worry if the ONE you find is a few states away, that's just a good reason for a road trip. Contact the dealer, negotiate your best deal, then load up the family and head out.